South African Safari

Wildlife is the factor that is intriguing, interesting and has a pull that mankind has never been able to resist. It brings humans into nature’s cycle that marks the prime beginning and existence of life.  Wildlife is predominantly a gift of nature and countries like Africa, India & North America are blessed with a large variety of rich wildlife. South Africa is yet another country that has a special set of wildlife that remains unique to the land.


The country remains the highly sought place for the wildlife film makers, looking for interesting and intensely wild creatures to film. The diverse range of wildlife in South Africa is well protected by active conservationists and is also developed into world class parks and sanctuaries. The variety is innumerable and highly suitable for deep study and research.

South Africa boasts of a wildlife that is largely made of the big cats, elephants, rhino’s, crocodiles and several other mammal species. The birdlife needs a special mention for its large variety & resident nature. The country is home to few of the largest bird varieties of the planet.

South African big cats are the lion, cheetah & leopard. The country preserved one of the world’s most unique creatures, the white lion. It is found in the wildlife reserves of the country, and remains to be one of the most prized possessions of the land. The cheetah and leopard is found in large numbers in the country. The increasing globalization has posed a threat to the wildlife, but the country has still been able to protect and conserve its rich wildlife.

The country has a large number of the famous African elephants. Innumerable number of film footages of these beautiful giants has been shot and compiled In the South African soil. The country also has the species of rhino’s, the black rhinos and the white rhinos. The creatures are highly protected as its survival is largely threatened.

Crocodiles are another gift to the South African wildlife. The famous Nile crocodile variety is present in the country. Reptiles such as tortoises and chameleon are also present in the wildlife chart of the country.

The South African waters embrace one of the world’s largest water mammals, the Whale possessing 8 species of the whale family. The water life population is thus as interesting and intriguing as the wildlife on land.

South Africa is one country that will be cherished and loved by every individual who loves the wildlife in all its splendor and glory.