Experience The Game Reserves Of South Africa

South Africa is the world’s favored destination in the matters of game reserves. While scenic beauty and cultural ethos of the place makes it a favored destination among the world travelers, it is often the exotic game reserves that make one choose it as their choice of destination over other parts of the world. South Africa is also the most favored location for wildlife photographers and wildlife enthusiasts as they get to observe the wild animals in their natural environment.


Tourism industry of South Africa looks to promote this aspect as one of its major attractions. The safaris and the nature walks are a major draw and the biggest tourist attraction. The wildlife of South Africa is quite huge and the sightings are also many varied.

However, the Big Five of the wildlife in that part of the world are the African Buffalo, the African Elephant, Leopard, Lion and the Rhinoceros. These Big Five are quite easily spotted and they are quite unique from their counterparts from other parts of the world. Spotting any one of the animals from this list is quite a treat for the tourists flocking the place.

South Africa in itself boasts of a number of wildlife parks and game parks, some of which are public and some of which are private. These are spread across a variety of landscapes, such as deserts, forests, mountains, etc, each boasting of a unique ambience that is breathtaking in its own right. These game parks are full of wildlife making it an exciting adventure for those who are visiting.

Another aspect of game reserves in South Africa are the game lodges. They provide accommodation within the game lodge itself, ranging from rustic to high end luxury. These game lodges provide a variety of activities such as bush walks, day and night game drives, horseback safaris and many other wildlife centered activities.

Blessed with a huge number of game reserves South Africa is the ultimate tourist destination for a wildlife enthusiast. The number of activities provided often spoils one for choice. While, you may not fit everything into a short holiday, you will definitely look forward to coming back for more. The length and breadth of the country makes it a place where there is a lot to be explored.

If you are planning a holiday that you want to spend amidst the nature, South Africa is surely the place for you.