Beaches in South Africa

Enjoy the Blue Flag beaches of sunny South Africa

The warm Agulhas current of the Indian Ocean flows southward along South Africa’s coastlines of KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape, where it meets the cold Benguela current of the Atlantic Ocean that flows northwards along the Western and Northern Cape’s beaches. 

South Africa’s beaches are among the most beautiful in the world, and 26 hold the prestigious Blue Flag accreditation, the highest benchmark. The Blue Flag is an eco-label that is awarded each season by the Foundation for Environmental Education, which is a non-profit organisation that seeks to promote the environmentally friendly development and preservation of the planet’s beaches. 

To secure a Blue Flag, a beach must meet very stringent criteria, including making a map of the beach available that shows all the facilities, strict water quality testing, beach sand that is free of debris and trash, clean bathrooms, the monitoring of coral reefs around the beach, and trained lifeguards and life-saving equipment – to name but a few. 

Local holidaymakers and international tourists who spend the day at one of South Africa’s Blue Flag beaches can expect to soak up the sun, and enjoy the waves on world-class sands, knowing that their safety is a top priority and that no damage is being done to the environment.



Relax At The Beautiful Beaches Of South Africa

Beaches are a feast to the eyes, a trailing bed to relax & warm and also a place to unleash the wild sporting instincts. Glorifying examples of the amazing effects of the threatening & loving water, beaches are a true gift. South Africa, being surrounded by oceans on all three sides enjoys many of the world’s best beaches. The coastline is stunningly beautiful and is a divine treat to everyone looking to capture beauty through lenses.


South Africa cradles a large number of beaches. The beaches are groomed to welcome the visitors. Wondering how beaches can be groomed? The South African beaches are awarded the ‘Blue Flag’ that stamps the beaches as environmentally adhered, clean and safe. More than 29 sizzling South African beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag. This adds to the highlights of the beaches.