What to do in South Africa

Enjoy an affordable holiday in the relaxed land of plenty

The idea of holiday in any form never fails to excite the human soul, whether you're the student off on your first adventure after the final exam-slog, or the seasoned voyager looking for your next travel-bug fix.. 

Whatever your reason for the season, South Africa is one destination that delivers a satisfaction-guaranteed experience to holiday-makers of every age, creed and colour – we are the 'Rainbow Nation' after all, it's what we do. In fact, you don't even need to be a tourist to have a super holiday here – the locals do it all the time! It's one of the perks of living in a country where you can:

  • go on an elephant-back safari
  • jump on a jet-ski for some whale-spotting
  • take the plunge with the world's highest commercial bungee jump
  • AND hit the town for some 5-star 'night wildlife' of a different kind - all in the same day!

So if variety be the spice of life – you're going to need a glass of milk or two during your stay! (Did we mention we mention our tantalizing and colourful cuisine?)

Even if you're just after the simple relaxing 'summer at the beach' vibe (and no one would  blame you), there is no better place than here to don your bikini and boardies! South Africa's temperate climate offers some of the best A-grade sunshine on the planet - with hot, friendly summers that aren't upset by rain on more than the odd occasion (by-the-by, a perfect opportunity to head off for some brilliant entertainment and shopping galore!) With a coastline that stretches its soft sands more than 2500km, you can choose to hit the warm waves with other sunseekers on our blue-flag beaches, or sneak off to find a stretch of personal paradise – you won't have to go far to feel like you're the only inhabitant for miles...

South Africa is one of 17 Megadiverse countries which contain more than two-thirds of the globe's biodiversity. So be assured, you'll be spotting much more than the Big 5 and some thorn bushes! We're talking dramatic waterfalls, mountains (with nice little snow-caps), lush forest, African veld...the list goes on. South Africa occupies only 2% of the earth's surface area, but is home to 10% of the world's plant species, and ranks 5th in Africa in terms of endemic mammal, bird and reptile species. And the best part is, you can bond with nature in your own style – whether at a luxury game lodge, or roughing it along some of the best open 4x4 terrain that Africa has to offer. And when you've thoroughly adventured yourself out, there's all-style accommodation to come home to - complete with proudly-South-African hospitality - suited to any budget.

For a guaranteed experience to remember, you can always count on tried and tested tourist favourites, including the famed Garden Route with its glorious forest-scapes, the tranquil beauty of the Cape wine route, and an unmissable cable-car ride up Table Mountain, with its views of the historic Robben Island, and the magnificent Greenpoint Stadium, the site of Holland's World Cup 2010 semi-final victory.

As you may have heard, South Africa is AYOBA!


South African Safari

Wildlife is the factor that is intriguing, interesting and has a pull that mankind has never been able to resist. It brings humans into nature’s cycle that marks the prime beginning and existence of life.  Wildlife is predominantly a gift of nature and countries like Africa, India & North America are blessed with a large variety of rich wildlife. South Africa is yet another country that has a special set of wildlife that remains unique to the land.



Relax At The Beautiful Beaches Of South Africa

Beaches are a feast to the eyes, a trailing bed to relax & warm and also a place to unleash the wild sporting instincts. Glorifying examples of the amazing effects of the threatening & loving water, beaches are a true gift. South Africa, being surrounded by oceans on all three sides enjoys many of the world’s best beaches. The coastline is stunningly beautiful and is a divine treat to everyone looking to capture beauty through lenses.


South Africa cradles a large number of beaches. The beaches are groomed to welcome the visitors. Wondering how beaches can be groomed? The South African beaches are awarded the ‘Blue Flag’ that stamps the beaches as environmentally adhered, clean and safe. More than 29 sizzling South African beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag. This adds to the highlights of the beaches.




Experience The Game Reserves Of South Africa

South Africa is the world’s favored destination in the matters of game reserves. While scenic beauty and cultural ethos of the place makes it a favored destination among the world travelers, it is often the exotic game reserves that make one choose it as their choice of destination over other parts of the world. South Africa is also the most favored location for wildlife photographers and wildlife enthusiasts as they get to observe the wild animals in their natural environment.



Adventures and Excitement in the Land Of The Wild

It is adventure-land, quite literally. The land of rustic charm and the land where flora and fauna thrive in their untouched natural environment, South Africa is surely a place worth visiting over and over again. While it might be the obvious choice of destination for wildlife enthusiasts, the adventure lovers are not left far behind. The choice of adventures sports and activities offered is quite huge. Adrenalin pumping activities with the mind-blowing backdrop of Africa is surely something else.



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