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Rugby in South Africa

South Africa is a land of many cultures and traditions. It is a mesmerising country with lots to offer to each and everyone in this world. It’s amazing geography and history is sure to enchant any soul out there. And what gives the place a special characteristic is its people.

The people of South Africa are a jovial lot who love to play and have loads of fun. They are warm towards tourists, friendly to be with and crazy about their sports. Talking of sports, there are three games which people of South Africa swear by. The games of Cricket, Soccer and Rugby are what get this nation on its feet.

Soccer is definitely the most popular sport in South Africa but not far behind is Rugby. In fact, Rugby in South Africa is synonymous with Ice Hockey in Canada- the fervour just never ends.

Currently, South Africa even enjoys the status of being the world champions of Rugby by winning the 2007 World Cup.

But the history of Rugby in South Africa is entangled in a lot of international politics which continues to mar it even today occasionally.

The national rugby team of South Africa is called Springboks but it was only in the year 1992 that it was readmitted in the international scenario. Prior to the abolition of Apartheid, the Springboks were barred from the international team just like the national teams of other sports of the country.

But Rugby in South Africa is still recuperating from the backlash of the Apartheid system. The Government continues to take stern steps in order to ensure equal opportunities to those who were previously disadvantaged because of racial discrimination.

There are various Rugby competitions held in South Africa on a regional and a national level. The Government has made it mandatory to have a fixed percentage of blacks in every team to promote the youths from the backward sections of the society.

However, the quota system is not applicable for the national Rugby team. But there are growing concerns over the majority of White players in the national team. The opposition political parties are increasingly demanding a quota system in the national team as well.

But quota system or no quota system, Rugby in South Africa continues to rule the roost. Rugby has a huge fan following which includes people who play the sport as well as those who watch it for the entertainment factor.

Like everything else, Rugby in South Africa has a governing body too. The governing body of Rugby in SA is called South African Rugby Union, earlier known as the South African Rugby Football Union.


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