Industry and Business of South Africa

While an industrial superpower may not be what the world reckons South Africa to be, the country is surely taking short but sure steps towards achieving this. The most flourishing and eagerly promoted of the industries is definitely the tourism industry. Most of the glamour world is also heading towards South Africa to capture its exotic locales as on screen and use it as a backdrop. More and more people are choosing it as their tourist destination, to experience the magic of South Africa first hand.


Other than the obvious tourism industry, there are a number of other industries thriving in the land of the Big Five. Telecommunications is big here and it is also in a phase of booming. With over 200 million subscribers and the number ever increasing, the telecom boom is definitely here to stay. It is surprising to notice that South Africa is considered to have the fourth most advanced mobile telecommunications network worldwide.

Agriculture is also one of the major industries of the land. Most of the farms are commercial enterprises even if they tend to be family owned. The employment provided by these farms is also quite substantial.

One of the biggest draws of South Africa is its richness in minerals. South Africa has been the biggest exporter of platinum in the world for many years. They also deal in the export of gold and coal in large amounts. Other major export goods are diamonds. With so much wealth under the soil, the land is literally a mine of wealth, no pun intended. The mineral ores that are available in this part of the world is quite unrivaled and makes it a major industry and area of growth for years to come.

With its rich natural reserves and friendly government policies, South Africa is on the verge of economic boom. Many industrialists have spotted this and have been patronizing South African companies in the hope of making a profit when the time comes. While manpower is also not a problem, it is distressing that many people choose to leave for higher studies to never return.

If the potential is tapped correctly and the natural resources exploited to its fullest, there is no reason why the wildlife capital of the world would not be the industrial capital as well. All it takes is effective realization of goals and plans. The potential and possibility is definitely there.