South African Weather

The weather of South Africa is as interesting to study about as it is to be experiencing it. The country is truly unique and offers a potential variety of weather conditions that sweep across the country. The weather ranges include Mediterranean, Temperate & Subtropical. The ranges vary from east to west in effects and conditions. The country also enjoys a desert climate deep within its northwest region.

·        Summers: The South African summers are different across the south & north. The contrast lies in rainy summers across the north and dry and hot summers across the south. The country being surrounded by oceans on almost three sides, result in warm conditions through the east coastline and contrasting cold conditions across the west coastline. The summers are through the months of October – February


·        Autumn: The most enjoyable weather in South Africa is autumn. The weather has a slow rainfall, & warm sunshine with cold nights. The best weather that the country experiences throughout the year is autumn. Autumn falls between the months of February and April. The weather brings out the picturesque beauty of the country at its best.


·        Winters: The Winter weather is cold and dry through the northern region and showers rain through the southern region. This variation is caused due to the terrains and ocean currents. The east and west experience the diverse weather largely due to the ocean currents that sweep across the Indian Ocean coastline in the east and the Atlantic Ocean coastline in the west. The weather falls between the months of mid-May and July.


·        Spring: Spring follows the winter weather in the country. It is a wonderful sight to see all the flora & fauna shine in the spring weather. The spring is at its best in the country. The spring weather has a slow wind, comfortable warmth and mild chill in the nights. The weather is a gentle changeover after the cold and rainy winter. The spring falls between August to September



Frost: South Africa experiences frost across its northeast high altitude surrounding the Cape Town region. The frost records some of the coldest temperaturesSouth Africa, offers an interesting & enjoyable experience with its contrasting & comfortable weather conditions.

The country offers an excellent weather, pretty flora, and enticing water rafting, diving & even hiking experiences. With such defining details of the weather conditions, it becomes easy to decide the best time to visit South Africa and enjoy all the experiences it has to offer.