About South Africa

So, what about it? Sure, we hosted an awesome 2010 Fifa World Cup without a hitch and busted all the sceptics… sure we’re one of the most culturally-diverse, bio-diverse, multilingual, multitalented (and might we add multitasking?) nations on the planet… sure we’re home to some of the world’s greatest icons and everyday heroes… but why should that draw your attention?
After all, you could always go and read up on the wonderful world of cheese-making, or the history of reverse-psychology…

Then again, you might want to discover what South Africa is really about – because under the hype, under the fluff, and under the feet of all the colourful inhabitants of this lovely land, you can expect to find a place that truly offers everything under the sun - lots of sun.
Nature’s Playground
South Africa competes with the best of them when it comes to Mother Nature’s beauty pageant. She scores top marks for her diverse offering of beautiful beaches, dramatic mountains and cliff-faces, lush forest belts, intriguing semi-desertscapes, and unforgettable sunsets over the African veld. Of course she boasts highlights  such as the famed Table Mountain with its cloudy tablecloth, and the luscious Garden Route stretching from the Eastern to Western Cape, but any sojourner to her shores will soon discover that a postcard scene awaits them at every turn.    

The Perfect Beach Break Some clichés never say die, and a classic holiday at the seaside is one of them. South Africa’s warm temperate climate and generous sunshine hours give beach-lovers every excuse to head for the white sands and sparkling waves. With a coastline of over 2500km, South Africa offers a wide range of beaches that cater to all variety of sun-seekers. Enjoy fun with the family at one of our many blue flag beaches, take advantage of Africa’s water sports capital in the Eastern Cape, or catch the perfect wave at internationally acclaimed surf spots like Jeffrey’s Bay.

Invent your own Adventure
There are many places in the world that offer great adventures for the taking, but not many offer as wide an array of thrills in such close proximity as you will discover in South Africa. Whether you prefer your adrenaline-fix behind the wheel of a 4x4, hanging onto a mountainside, dangling from a bungee cord, or staring fear in the face in a shark-diving cage – if you can imagine it, you can do it! From deep sea diving to skydiving, sandboarding to snowboarding (yes, we do have a ski-resort, believe it or not!), it’s all in a day’s adventure.    
Life on the Wild Side
Now of course we expect you’ll be coming to see the Big 5. This is Africa, after all. We’ll even throw in an extra 2 to for added value… so add the Great White Shark and Southern Right Whale to the list of the Big 7 awaiting your eager lenses. And don’t forget all the other South African favourites – cheetah, giraffe, zebra, hippo, hyena, warthog and the famed dung beetle may not be the bigger 7, but they certainly like to claim their moment in the spotlight.  South Africa boasts no less than 20 national parks, with literally hundreds of other private parks and game lodges to ensure you get a generous slice of the ‘African experience.’

More Dining, Less Whining
We South Africans know better than anyone that no holiday can be enjoyed on an empty stomach. You’ve probably noticed by now that we’re proud of our diversity as a country, and our cuisine is no exception. From tantalizing exotic dishes to the favourite home-style braai (like a barbeque, only better), our food and wines are as interesting and tantalizing as the people that make up this ‘Rainbow Nation,’ blending a creative fusion of east and west, traditional and experimental. Take your pick, from an adventurous local dish at a township tavern, to á la carte luxury dining at a 5-star eatery – it all comes with just the right dash of South African flavour!   
So sit back, relax and drink your fill of all the tastes, sights, sounds and thrills this wondrous country has to offer – 2010 and beyond!


Sport in South Africa

South Africa can be a term that can be used to define – Variety or Versatility. Beginning from the naturally blessed hills, wildlife, flora & fauna, seasons and oceans to the later developed sports, culture & art, the country boasts of variety as no other. The country has a population that is filled with lots of passion for art, culture & sports. Sports stand out as a special feature as it has a historic importance of uniting the country and its race together.



Culture and People of South Africa

If you want to visit a country where the people are just as interesting as the place itself, then South Africa is where you need to be heading! With several local native tribes living within its borders, a huge Indian community, and the descendants of countless white settlers from a mixed bag of European nations, South Africa is literally a melting pot of race, religions and cultures.



South African Weather

The weather of South Africa is as interesting to study about as it is to be experiencing it. The country is truly unique and offers a potential variety of weather conditions that sweep across the country. The weather ranges include Mediterranean, Temperate & Subtropical. The ranges vary from east to west in effects and conditions. The country also enjoys a desert climate deep within its northwest region.



Cuisine of South Africa, more than just a feast for the eyes...

With the platter of awe-inspiring scenery and action-packed activities on offer to visitors to South African shores, it comes as no surprise that the local cuisine is often overlooked as one of this country’s star attractions.

Dining - or “chowing” as the locals would say - can be just as exciting as visiting a game farm, petting a cheetah or taking an ocean cruise. In fact there is no reason not to combine an excursion with a spectacular local meal, thereby killing two birds with one stone (though you won't need to resort to any stone-throwing to get some food on your plate...)



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